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A Project of New Sun Rising

Photo Cred: Photo by Guido Coppa on Unsplash 

Pgh Village Project Presents: Raise UP

June 1 from 10:00-11:30am at Prototype Pgh

What is the Pittsburgh Village Project?

The Pittsburgh Village Project is a cooperative of students, families and educators who equitably strengthen the education system through culturally responsive consulting and the development of project-based, community-driven curricula.

Our Beliefs: 

The Pittsburgh Village Project operates under the main belief that all students deserve access to relevant, engaging education at all times. With numerous organizations already dedicated to educational equity in the Greater Pittsburgh (Pgh) Area, we operate to help reduce potential gaps in resource sharing by bringing these members of the “Village” together to maximize learning. Our goal is to ensure every child can enjoy learning and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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